Over 160 women from across 5 continents innovating cross-border angel investing


Our mission

Rising Tide Europe movement strives to create opportunities for women to thrive in their professional and personal lives and increase the number of women decision-makers across industries. We do this by promoting financial knowledge and independence and increasing women’s access to an important asset class through a portfolio of early-stage companies.

We will act as stewards of good governance to our portfolio companies, guiding and supporting businesses that are committed to equitable pay, workplace conditions, governance and leadership practices.

Rising Tide Europe will

Give a greater number of women access to early-stage investments
Augment investments with non-financial support (e.g. training, mentoring, advice) to address gender-related constraints that women face
Promote and foster women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making

Key action areas

In order to fulfill our mission and objectives Rising Tide Europe aims to introduce Program and Portfolio Key Performance Indicators in the following main areas:

  • Support for Workplace Equity & Good Governance
    By rewarding businesses actively working to create value for all stakeholders, we will address structural limitations to financial and leadership opportunities for women and minorities and improve working conditions for all employees.
  • Impact at Scale: Supply Chains, Products & Services
    Incorporating diverse voices in product and service design and production increases business opportunities now and in the future. We will work to ensure that the technologies that will drive wealth and well-being in the future will not lock out women and minorities and when possible support companies that, through their products and supply chains, will create better outcomes for women everywhere.

Rising Tide Europe 1

Launch date: January 2016
Capital raised: > €1M
Investments closed: 8
Rounds invested: 14

Industrial (Switzerland)
Technology (Finland)
Business Services (United Kingdom)
2x Retail (Switzerland & United Kingdom)
2x Healthcare (Belgium & Ireland)
Fintech (United Kingdom)

Rising Tide Europe 2

Launch date: April 2017
Capital raised: > €1.1M
Investments closed: 8
Rounds invested: 8

Fintech (France)
Blockchain (United Kingdom)
HR Tech (Switzerland)

High Tech (Switzerland)
AI for Fintech (United Kingdom)
AR / VR (Finland)
Healthtech (Ireland)
AI for HR (Spain)


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